Gutter Clearance


Do they really need clearing?

For most of us, guttering doesn't enter into our thoughts, and lets face it, why should it. As long as we are not getting drenched from above there are far more enjoyable things to think about.

However, while we are off having fun, your guttering is catching a variety of debris.

Birds nesting in guttering

Birds & trees; a gutters nightmare

Birds and trees are two of your gutters biggest enermies and when you combine them there is only going to be one outcome, a blockage!. During nesting season, twigs, leaves, moss and anything else birds can find gets lifted in the air for their nests and some of it finds its way into  your guttering. 

Natural roof debris and grit from your tiles also finds it's way in and if you live near trees, Autumn will bring an additional build up of leaves.


Did you know?......

When gutters get blocked, they don't always drench you with water straight away. Your roofing felt or eaves tray falls slightly into the guttering to allow water that gets under your roof tiles to drain away.  When gutters get blocked, water can build up and get under this lip and into the roof or walls of your property. Over time, this can cause damp, mold, blown plaster or rotten facsia and soffits.  Putting these right can be costly.  If you make an insurance claim, it may be rejected if it's obvious your gutters haven't been cleared. Your insurer could use lack of regular maintenance as the reason.

Its up to you

None of the above is meant to scare you.  We purely want everyone to be informed of the issues blocked guttering can cause. If you do decide to get them cleared, we will be happy to help.


The cost of a clearance depends on the size of your property.  Check out our Price List. There aren't any hidden charges and all residential prices are fixed meaning no need for quotes.

There are price bands for business owners but the exact cost will need to be confirmed. Contact us today to find out.

And finally...........

To ensure your gutters perform as they should industry experts advice having them cleared at least every 12 months and every 6 if you live near lots of trees; once in the Spring and once in Autumn. Whenever you decide to get them done, call, message or email us to book an appointment. We will be very happy to help.

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If you've got this far, we thank you for your time and hope you found the information useful.

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Important - We are not allowed to disturb bird nests until they are empty