Is using a vac better than using ladders?

Both methods produce the same result although in some cases, a vac has far greater access. Conservatories, boundary walls, bushes, trees etc can make getting a ladder to the right area almost impossible.  Using a vac enables us to reach over obstacles to clear the debris.

How long will it take?

On average a semi detached house will take around 1 - 1.5hrs and a detached house around 1.5 - 2hrs.  It all depends on the size of your property, amount of guttering and how much debris is to remove. 

Do I need to stay in?

We all lead busy lives, so as long as you confirm by email or text that you are happy for us to proceed in your absence, then no. You'll just need to make sure we can access all elevations of the guttering. We would ensure we take before and after photos and will post an invoice before we leave.  All we ask is that you contact us within 7 days to arrange payment.

What do you do with the debris?

There are 2 options. We can dispose of it or leave it for you to add to your composting bin.

How do I pay?

All payments are due once we have completed the work.  We accept credit & debit cards, Apple pay, Google pay & Samsung pay.  We carry a card machine with us. You can also pay by BACS or cheque. We do accept cash but prefer electronic payments. Please see the pricing page for full details.

Should I fit guards to my gutters to stop them getting full?

There are a number of different guards available.  The most popular are gutter brushes (hedgehogs) and guard mesh.  Guards do not remove the need for the debris to be cleared, although they can reduce the frequency.

Please note; if the debris starts to take root through the guard it can be harder to remove than if the guard were not installed.  Guards make regular inspections essential.

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